Web Application Development

Spread the impact of your business by getting us to develop applications on the most popular platform today.

Web Application Development

Our services of web application development helps implement unique software on your brand’s website, in the Software-as-a-Service distribution model. Advanta serves both B2B and B2C clients from all industries. Our customer-oriented approach is fulfilled with advanced technology and skilled manpower. We achieve this by continuously coordinating with clients in all stages.

Advanta thus adheres to range of web application services, ranging simple content web site applications to complex Internet applications, e-Business applications and social network services. Our web developments can be further customized to suit the individual goals of our clients. Easy-to-use web development solution at affordable rates.

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Our Services

  • Development of web concepts

    A proper plan and web-concept based on the latest trends is devised to boost your sales and productivity.

  • Development of new applications

    Development of web applications that operate securely on different platforms such as desktops, androids and tablet devices

  • Testing of Applications

    Proper testing all developed application to learn about their equation with client’s requirements and also their profitability in the current world.

  • Maintenance of Applications

    We ensure that your business applications are managed and operated seamlessly to provide secure platforms that produce high performance.

  • Integration of Applications

    The team at Advanta Africa enables their clients to reach real time process integration between their different applications.

  • Modernization of Applications

    We help clients create new business value from existing applications by rewriting programming codes to a more modern and web-friendly one.

Tools and Technology

  • Programming languages

    The basic programming is done with consequent usage of HTML, Jquery and CSS for the conversion and scripting of the website content.

  • Frameworks

    The popular and Object oriented MVC development framework of Kohana is used at Advanta Africa, along with Yii and Laravel.

  • Online Platform

    The online platform used by the developers of Advanta Africa is that of WordPress, which is compatible for all types of websites.

  • Processing

    Rapid processing and development of web pages is ensured by Advanta by using the web application framework of ASP dot NET.

  • Open-source

    The Drupal software which comes along with a content management system is used as our open source platform in our development.

  • Content Management

    We also use Joomla as a content management system, as it helps users edit, publish and manage website content with ease.

Our Strength

  • Enhanced Technology

    The team of Advanta Africa uses advanced infrastructure along with their expertise in enhanced technology to develop mind-striking applications.

  • Experienced professionals

    Web applications are developed by members who are well experienced and not exactly what the client is looking for.

  • Adequate pricing

    We offer splendid web application development services at very much affordable rates that are adequately priced per the budget of customers.

  • Good Coordination

    There is a perfect coordination between our designers, programmers and program testers to ensure a 100% accuracy and productivity.

  • Customer-centered

    All our work is directed towards fulfilling the requirements set by clients and in ensuring that they are a hundred percent satisfied.

  • Direct Communication

    Clients and the end-users can directly communicate with our team of experts in a more transparent manner, thus increasing efficiency.

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