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“We strive to bring a new dimension to the world of Information Technology, which is still regarded by many as being out of reach. We wish to deliver services of web designing, web application development and mobile application development, at rock-bottom prices which aren’t available anywhere else in the world. We have set our eyes on the day when clients from the western world will approach us, sensing the outstanding quality we deliver at optimal prices. The company will lead the industry one day.

Our services should become a common name in the global scenario, with several clients approaching us for designing and application development. But frankly, we know that there is no shortcut to this goal. That is why the members of Adventa Kenya strive all day long to completely earn the satisfaction of our clients. In fact, the top priorities in the way we work are exceeding clients’ expectations and not make any compromise on quality. Taking calculated risks, the target of Adventa is to reach new horizons in the IT sector through innovative strategies.”


The mission statement of Adventa Kenya is, “To be among the top pioneers in web designing and application development industries. We will adhere to the strictest standards of quality and keep ourselves updated with latest advancements in technology. The world should be made aware of our main strength in delivery maximum production at the least prices. The team strives to work harder and improve its functioning by learning from feedback and become the most sought after IT company in Africa, within the next five years.”

This is not only our mission statement. It is also the fuel that drives us to reach greater heights everyday. We do not believe in simply fantasizing and not achieving the same. The staff at Adventa keep attempting to cross the technological limitations of this part of the world, with their thirst for more more innovation and knowledge. Be it head of the company or even a fresher in our office, Adventa never halts in its adventure of exploring hew horizons of growth.

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